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The year is off to a very exciting start

Source: PAL Halifax

April 1, 2016 marks the beginning of a new fiscal year at PAL Halifax; therefore it is time to renew your membership or to become a member!

Recently, the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal upheld the decision of the Utility and Review Board, and hence HRM’s approval, of the development agreements for both Housing Trust projects on Gottingen Street. As a result of this decision, the projects are now both approved and can proceed to their next stages: firming up financing arrangements and proceeding with construction documents for the first building. The first building will house the 20 apartment for PAL Halifax. These units will be a reality!


Seeking shelter from the storm

Halifax is facing an affordable housing crisis, and there’s no solution in sight.

Source: The Coast

Affordable housing is one of those terms that seems to mean less every time you use it. At least, that’s how Elaine Williams sees it. “When they say ‘affordable housing,’ that drives me crazy.”

Williams has lived in Mulgrave Park, at the northern end of the Halifax peninsula, for decades—45 years, to be exact, minus one year she spent in an apartment outside the community. (“I didn’t like it.”)

Although Williams could afford to live in another part of the municipality, she’s chosen to stay in the public housing complex at Mulgrave Park. It’s her home, after all, and her mother, her grandchildren and one of her grown sons live here, with another son on the waiting list to move in. She’s spent over a decade volunteering to help the community. She’s helped set up a food bank, build new playgrounds and put together the Caring and Learning Centre—all resources she says have proven essential, especially for those on income assistance.

“They know in between payments that their kids are always going to get something to eat.”

Between subsidized rent and the support the community offers, Williams says that residents of Mulgrave Park can just about get by. But head up the hill—or even just over the retaining wall that separates Mulgrave Park from the rest of the north end—and it’s a different story.


Opponents lose latest bid to halt $42m Gottingen Street affordable housing project

Source: The Chronicle Herald – September 17, 2015

A group fighting against a proposed $42-million development on Gottingen Street in Halifax has lost its latest battle against the affordable housing project.

The province’s Utility and Review Board rejected an appeal by a group of area property owners and developers in a decision this week. The development is proposed by the non-profit Housing Trust of Nova Scotia.

The trust plans to build a pair of mixed-use buildings, including apartments and ground-floor commercial, at 2183 and 2215 Gottingen St. One property is the former Metropolitan store site; the other housed Diamonds bar.

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Gottingen Street affordable housing plan faces appeal

Source: The Chronicle Herald – March 2, 2015

A Halifax community council has approved a development agreement for an affordable housing project for Gottingen Street.

But instead of moving forward, it looks like the Housing Trust of Nova Scotia’s plans may again be delayed.

“We’ll be appealing it,” opponent Edward Edelstein confirmed Monday.

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Developer sees movement on projects

Source: The Chronicle Herald

The proponent behind two Gottingen Street developments is hoping work will begin in a year now that his proposal is moving through the municipal approvals process.

Ross Cantwell, president of the Housing Trust of Nova Scotia, has proposed to build an eight-storey building at 2183 Gottingen, site of the former Met building, and a nine-storey building at the former Diamonds Bar location at 2215 Gottingen.

The non-profit group purchased the sites in April 2010 for $3 million, money it received from the province under the Canada-Nova Scotia Co-operation Agreement on Economic Diversification because of its plan to offer half of the units as affordable housing.

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Information Meeting on Affordable Housing

Two Proposed Apartment Buildings
Former MET and Diamonds Bar Properties

Thursday January 17th
The North End Memorial Library
2285 Gottingen Street, Halifax
6:00 pm Open House
6:30-7:30 pm Presentation & Questions

Click Here to download a Presentation in PowerPoint format.

Click Here to download a PDF file of Concept Images & Floor Plans

Gottingen projects ‘in holding pattern’

Source: The Chronicle Herald

A date to begin construction on two Gottingen Street residential projects is unknown because they are in planning limbo, says the proponent.

Ross Cantwell, president of the Housing Trust of Nova Scotia, has proposed to build a 10-storey building at 2183 Gottingen, the former Met building, and a 10-storey building at the former Diamonds bar location at 2215 Gottingen.

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New Affordable Housing Strategy for Nova Scotia

On November 8, 2012 the Nova Scotia government announced the start of a public consultation that will allow all Nova Scotians to have their say on the future of affordable housing in our province. This long-term affordable housing strategy will help address the housing needs of more Nova Scotian families. It will also help shape what affordable housing will look like for families for generations to come. As part of their initiative, they have prepared “A Discussion Paper on a Housing Strategy for Nova Scotia.”

You can find this discussion paper online at

Over the next few weeks, public meetings will also be held in several communities across the province. This public consultation will seek feedback on innovative, practical housing solutions.

Gottingen Street’s affordable housing crisis

Source: The Coast | Gottingen Street's affordable housing crisis | Reality Bites

The province has big plans for rebuilding Sunrise and Isnor Manors, but says the city is getting in the way. Meanwhile, two non-profits blame the province for frustrating their plans for affordable housing.

Everyone agrees: too many low-income people can’t afford a decent home in Halifax. So how come housing activists, developers and governments aren’t producing new options? Part of the answer is that affordable housing is tossed like a hot potato between the province and city.

But the province has initiated talks with the city to determine how to work better together. “We’re scoping out a lot of things, to develop something that hasn’t been done: a provincial housing strategy,” says minister of community services Denise Peterson- Rafuse. “We need to work with municipalities, whether bylaws need to be changed, and we’ll do a public consultation in late fall.”
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Gottingen Housing Plans Pushed Back 18 Months

Source: The Chronicle Herald
December 6, 2011 – By REMO ZACCAGNA Business Reporter

Ross Cantwell - Photo by CHRISTIAN LAFORCE


Ross Cantwell of the Housing Trust of Nova Scotia says two properties were demolished in the spring with plans to start construction this fall on a mixed-income development. But the start has been delayed. Work on two Gottingen Street projects will begin in the summer of 2013 at the earliest, more than 18 months later than expected.

That will now be pushed back as the developers seek an amendment to the Peninsula North secondary plan, a 12-month process that began in September.

“We want to go ahead,” Cantwell said in a phone interview. “We’ve demolished the buildings and we’re running parking lots, because that’s what you do in downtown Halifax.”