Accessible Unit

The Housing Trust recognizes that affordability is only one important thing that people think about when they are looking for a home and that many people struggle to find accessible units in Halifax and across Nova Scotia. That’s why over the next few years, we’re making a substantial investment in enhancing the accessibility of our buildings and units – enhancing the accessibility of up to 20% of units in each of our buildings.

Our portfolio was built during a time when communities did not always think about the diverse needs of people seeking safe and appropriate housing and how that might look different for everyone. Structural issues will prevent us from achieving accessibility to Canada’s building code, so we’ve worked with an architect to achieve the highest level of accessibility within the structural constraints.

You can take a tour of a typical one and two-bedroom unit and see for yourself: One-bedroom

We think our accessibility-enhanced units will be perfect for you or someone you know. If you are interested, please send us an email at and we’ll reach out to you when a unit becomes available.





Accessible Units

1-bedroom floor plan

2-bedroom floor plan

kitchen view 1

kitchen view 2

kitchen view 3

                          bathroom view 1

                         bathroom view 2

                         bathroom view 3